Video of the Day #148: Nat Johnson


The day job has been brutal and lately it has taken all the energy I’ve had. Several 10-12 hour work days during the past few weeks. But I did pay the domain bill for another year, so I hope you still check this out every now and then. Your laziest and lousiest blogger still writes occasionally. I hope things get a little easier now and I can actually think about doing something else than just somehow battling through each day. There’s so many things I’d love to share.

Nat Johnson’s new song and new music video Dog is definitely one of them. So let’s start with this adorable little song. The combination of the video and the song is just perfect. It makes me happy. Kind of like it makes me happy to see my cat greet me at the door after a long work shift. Dog is an outtake from Nat’s forthcoming album Neighbour of the Year. You can buy the single from Bandcamp.


Nat Johnson Website

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