Album of the Month: Gim Kordon – Ei ole helppoo


I’ve been mostly exhausted for a month, because the day job has been a bit of a nightmare. Therefore I haven’t even selected a new album of the month until now. But of course I knew it all along that it was going to be this debut album Ei ole helppoo by Gim Kordon. Heck, this thing pretty much kept my body running and mind somewhat sane during those 10-12 hour shifts. This isn’t entirely flawless, but damn it feels good to listen to this. In some way, I come from the same place as this album. This is influenced by the same music that reshaped my heart back in the 90s and early 00s. A bit of US indie, a bit of Australian indie and a whole lot of Finnish obviously. This is my youth squeezed into a box. Despite all this, it doesn’t feel like this is something old and borrowed. I do find Ei ole helppoo unique and original 2014 album. And damn how I love listening to it. The early singles Ei ole helppoo and Sä oot mun unelma, beibe still sound perfect to me. Other big favourites are the candy machine -flavoured Kaikki on hyvin and Sateessa which has my favourite chorus of the year. I can pinpoint that exact moment in my life.

Ei ole helppoo by Gim Kordon is a wonderful album. It was released by Soliti Music on 9th of may, 2014. You’ll find a few samples below. First Sä oot mun unelma, beibe and then the video of the title track Ei ole helppoo.


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