Common Tones – Shine


I wasn’t aware that Common Tones was still alive. I just assumed that the members were focusing on their other musical adventures (Klasu, Koria Kitten Riot etc). However, a few days ago I got an email that told me that they’ve released a new single called Shine and a full-lenght album will follow later in 2014. I was able to listen to that forthcoming album several hours yesterday and I really liked it. I liked it even a lot more than I expected. I’ve seen them play live many many moons ago. Probably at least five years ago. I liked them, but I didn’t think they were anything that special. This new album on the other hand is damn good. The possibilities are that a) I was a clueless twat back then b) they’ve gotten better over the years. Most likely it’s the combination of both. This one below is the new single Shine that you can buy from their Bandcamp page. If you want to help me, you can say what 90s or early 00s power pop band comes to mind when you listen to Lasse’s vocals in the verse. This thing is driving me crazy. There’s something so familiar.

Common Tones at Bandcamp
Common Tones at Facebook

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