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My soundtrack for today has been Last of The Big Time Spenders by Turner Cody. I have a couple of his older records, so I was well aware that Turner Cody is a pretty great New York-based singer-songwriter. This 2013 album had managed to fly under my radar until I somehow stumbled on it at Bandcamp today. After a couple spins, the mouse I was holding found that buy now button and I haven’t regretted that decision. This is I Know How I Feel About You from this little masterpiece.


Turner Cody Website


If that Turner Cody album was today’s favourite, last night my favourite was the new album World Of Strangers by country singer-songwriter Zoe Muth. I’m kind of ashamed that I haven’t really listened to Zoe that much until now. Only a few songs here and there over the years. Why the hell wasn’t I paying attention? This is excellent and totally the kind of music that I love. World Of Strangers just came out on Signature Sounds. This is Zoe’s drinking song for moms, Mama Needs a Margarita from the new album.

Zoe Muth Website


And let’s end this little blog post with some classic country music. Sturgill Simpson’s High Top Mountain got a great reception last year and took a top 10 place on pretty much every country blog I follow. I joined the party a bit later when Loose Music released that album in the UK/Europe earlier in 2014. Now there’s more reasons to party, because the brand new Sturgill Simpson album Metamodern Sounds In Country Music came out a few weeks ago and I picked up a copy from the local record store last weekend. This is so damn brilliant country music. Here’s Life Of Sin from the new album.

Sturgill Simpson Website

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  1. salutations from Montreal, really nice blog you have here, we seem to have similar taste so i’m gonna dig for the unknown name i see here. If you like the new Zoe Muth, you in for a treat with her previous 2 LP and her Ep too.

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