Rob Snarski – Wounded Bird & NQ Arbuckle – The Future Happens Anyway


Australian The Blackeyed Susans is a band that I love wholeheartedly. They actually have a lot of Finnish fans and listeners thanks to Miettinen and the finest radio show ever, Räkärodeo. “Big in Finland” might be pushing it, because probably only Räkärodeo listeners really know them at all. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people in here who adore The Blackeyed Susans. I’m definitely one of them and therefore Rob Snarski’s voice is like a dear friend to me. After all, this man has sang me to sleep countless amount of times. Yeah, I’m kind of a softie and therefore the beautiful ones were always the dearest ones for me. I do love things like Curse On You as well, but my all-time favourite The Blackeyed Susans song is actually Be My Medicine. It might be a bit weird choice, but for me that has always been one of the most beautiful songs ever.

Anyway, let’s forget the past for a second and move on to 2014. The lead vocalist Rob Snarski has just released his solo debut in Australia and damn it feels great to hear that voice singing new songs. Even though it’s a solo album, fellow Blackeyed Susan Dan Luscombe seem to be play a big part by co-producing the album with Rob and co-writing some of the songs. I can’t wait to spend more time with this beautiful thing. So far I’ve only previewed it a few times over at Bandcamp, but I will hit the buy button once I decide do I settle for the digital or order a CD from the webstore. This is the awesome first single and opening track Tender Like a Bruise from Rob Snarski’s new album Wounded Bird.

Rob Snarski Website


Canadian roots rockers NQ Arbuckle are another band that has always meant a lot to me. Therefore it’s really criminal that the release of their latest album The Future Happens Anyway kind of flew by without a mention. Ok, I did write a few words way before it actually came out, but nothing during the late spring when it was released by Six Shooter Recordings. This surely could have been the album of the month in June, if I had chosen one. Neville Quinlan has again written a bunch of fantastic songs. Here are two perfect examples. The songs are Red Wine and Art O’Leary from NQ Arbuckle’s album.


NQ Arbuckle Website

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