Ryan Tanner, Jay William Henderson & The Souvenirs

Oh dear. It’s been well over a month since the last update. Even though I knew that the world cup, summer and the day job will keep me otherwise engaged, it was never my intention to neglect the blog for a whole month. I think should never give myself a break, because somehow it gets harder and harder to start again. I should just maintain a steady pace, because that’s just easier than starting again. That way I don’t have too much time to wonder is this worth it anymore, because frankly, it probably isn’t. However, then there’s records like these below. Records that I hold very dear and records that hold me when I need a shoulder.

I don’t really know much about Utah’s music scene. Only thing that comes to mind is Drew Danburry and his alter-egos. Well actually that was before I got to know Ryan Tanner, Jay William Henderson and The Souvenirs. They are all from Salt Lake City, Utah (even though some do live in Nashville these days) and they are all oh so wonderful.


Ryan Tanner released his new album Together Is Where We Belong on the 15th of July. I had been waiting this one for a month or two, because every song I had heard sounded magnificent to me. The album lived up to the hype I had created for myself. I love the way it sounds. Even during the darker moments, the overall feeling is kind, caring and warm. Even spiritual. And those female harmonies provided by The Souvenirs lift these already wonderful songs to a whole another level. These below are called Days To Think Of You and Love Is All You Need and they are both from the new Ryan Tanner album Together Is Where We Belong.

Ryan Tanner Website


Ryan Tanner’s album was engineered and co-produced by Jay William Henderson. Jay William Henderson released his own new album Hymns To My Amnesia also on the 15th July. That was seriously good day for fans of beautiful music, because this one is just as heavenly as Ryan’s album. I’m totally addicted and could listen to this all day long. One of my favourite 2014 albums so far. Occasionally this makes me think of Canadian troubadour Justin Rutledge. And what about the moments when the female harmonies come along. Pure magic each and every time. There’s two members of The Souvenirs (Kiki Buehner, Marie Bradshaw) and Debra Fotheringham singing on this one. Here’s Throne and White Dress from Hymns To My Amnesia.

Jay William Henderson Website


As previously mentioned. Both Ryan Tanner and Jay William Henderson owe a big thank you for The Souvenirs. I probably would have loved those albums even without the harmonies, because the songs are so magnificent. Nevertheless, the beautiful backing vocals are a big part of the charm for me and The Souvenirs sang their way into my heart on those albums. Therefore I’m thrilled that they are also working on their own debut album. Needless to say that I’m more than eager to hear it. There’s a few songs out there already and they are oh so good. This one is called Paper Bag.

The Souvenirs Website

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