Otis Gibbs – Souvenirs Of a Misspent Youth (+ Thanks For Giving a Damn)


Even though I don’t know the man personally, it feels like Otis Gibbs is a dear friend of mine. Actually it feels like his whole family (pets included of course) are friends of mine. The reason for this one-sided friendship and affection is of course his brilliant Thanks for Giving a Damn podcast where he chats with wonderful singer-songwriters, musicians etc and tells little stories about his life and his pets. I’ve never had any ads on this page, because I kind of hate them, but sometimes I think of adding a gigantic unpaid Thanks For Giving a Damn with Otis Gibbs banner on the front page. That podcast is something that I believe so strongly that I actually might change my no ads policy.

Besides being the world’s greatest podcast host (and even more importantly), Otis Gibbs is obviously a first class singer-songwriter as well. That’s how I first got to know him. I bought his album Joe Hill’s Ashes back in 2010 and have bought each and every release ever since. Therefore I was also happy to participate in the Kickstarter project for his latest album Souvenirs of a Misspent Youth. The album is now officially out in Europe. US release will follow in August. Otis Gibbs is also regularly touring in Europe. Maybe next time he is going to Sweden/Norway, we need to try and convince him to visit Finland as well. Meanwhile we can listen to his new album Souvenirs of a Misspent Youth. This is excellent Ghosts Of Our Fathers from the new album.


Otis Gibbs Website

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