The Wicked Whispers & Stephen Steinbrink


The Wicked Whispers is a band that I’ve liked from the start and have been following them in here since the debut EP. This Liverpool-based group do this psychedelic pop thing rather brilliantly. They are finally ready to release to their debut album Maps Of The Mystic. It will come out on Electone Records on September 22nd. You can pre-order the album from the label’s website starting today. This is the latest single and opening track of the album Chronological Astronaut.

The Wicked Whispers Website


Stephen Steinbrink is a new find for me, but lately I’ve been creating an obsession towards his beautiful new album Arranged Waves. I usually try to run away, if I hear the word experimental. Thankfully I didn’t this time around, because this experimental pop songwriter has created a pop treasure. This is the opener Now You See Everything.

Stephen Steinbrink Website

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