The Provincial Archive – It’s All Shaken Wonder


The Provincial Archive from Edmonton is one of my new favourite bands. I found them some time last year, bought their back catalogue and have spent a lot of time listening to their early albums. It’s just totally my kind of band. My somewhat obsessive music collecting started with pop music and have since drifted more and more towards folk music. The Provincial Archive is like the best of both worlds. Okay, maybe folk-tinged pop groups aren’t really a rarity these days. However, most of them fall into that “this is nice, but not much more than that” category. The Provincial Archive stands up from the crowd by writing brilliant songs and delivering them beautifully. Their new album will be released in their homeland Canada later this month, but it’s been out in Europe since May. I picked up a copy from the local store a month ago and I really like it. Especially the singles Common Cards and Daisy Garden are really gorgeous. I posted Common Cards sometime last year and therefore I’ll go with the album opener Daisy Garden this time around. The struggles of aging and the alzheimer’s disease aren’t the easiest subjects to tackle in a pop song, but The Provincial Archive does it incredibly well.


The Provincial Archive Website

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