Freschard & Stanley Brinks


As previously mentioned, my biggest musical obsession this summer has been Freschard. Cheese and crackers anyone. I don’t even like Cheese and Crackers, but Freschard still makes me want to buy them anyway. So freakin’ addictive stuff. I have her albums Boom Biddy Boom and Shh... and I could listen to them all day long. I really love to walk around the town and just listen to Shh..

I also really like Stanley Brinks album Gin that is also out on Fika Recordings (just like Boom Biddy Boom). I have some Herman Dune stuff, but I haven’t followed him that closely until this year. There’s one problem with getting addicted to Stanley and Freschard. They have released so much music that I need a mortgage to buy all of it. These are couple of my favourites from Gin. I Wanted You and Parking Lots.


And that’s not all, there’s one more exciting factor to consider. There will be a new duo album from Stanley Brinks & Freschard coming out on August 25th. It’s called Pizza Espresso and the pre-order is already available on the Fika Recordings Bandcamp. I look forward to hearing the full album in a few weeks. After all, this has been a year of Freschard & Stanley Brinks for me. This is excellent Take It Easy from Pizza Espresso.

And then finally. Cheese and Crackers of course. The loveliest musical earworm I can think of. I don’t even want to get rid of it.

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