Nopat, Pöllöt & Satan’s Fingers

Some fantastic Finnish music for a change. Sometimes I forget that this is a Finnish pop site and not a fan site for fairly unknown North American folk singer-songwriters. These days it should be a bit of both.


First we have major news on the One Chord to Another scale. There’s a new Nopat album hitting the stores and our hearts in early September. This most likely wonderful thing (I haven’t heard it yet, therefore “most likely”) will be called Valonkajoa and will be released by Kioski Records on 5th of September. The first single Alla Maan has already reached the surface. You can listen to it below and watch the music video where some of loveliest people on the planet are goofin around Turku and Helsinki.

Nopat – Alla maan from Aki Roukala on Vimeo.

Nopat Website


Then we have the new Pöllöt album that came out on Fonal Records a week or two ago. It’s their debut album, but the members have also given us a lot of great music with their other groups and projects in the past(J.Tolvi, Barry Andrewsin Disko, Cats On Fire….I highly recommend that J.Tolvi album that came out last year. I’m still ashamed that I failed to write about that one). I’m really liking this Pöllöt album as well. Being one of the favourites to win the quietest and most shy guy on the planet contest, I’m especially loving the song Valonsäteet. Other favourite of mine is this song called Kalla.

Pöllöt at Facebook


If Satan’s Fingers duo are playing a gig in your hometown or within a reasonable travelling distance, you really should go and see them. I’ve seen them twice and I’ve loved every second. Garage rock colliding with The Mountain Goats. Just drums, guitar and male-female vocal interplay. It really is a perfect set up for a live concert. However, it might be rather hard to reach that same level of brilliance on a record with that set-up. So far they haven’t completely reached it, but I have high hopes for the next release. This summer they released one new song called Across Rubicon. I think you can hear a bit of Mountain Goats in this one or maybe the band’s name is just playing tricks in my mind. However, a little big of Mountain Goats influence is never a bad thing. A great band. Book them now.

Satan’s Fingers at Bandcamp
Satan’s Fingers at Facebook

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