Comet Gain, Anthony Atkinson & The Running Mates


Somewhat legendary british pop band Comet Gain was one of my favourites in the early 00s. Sneaky, Tigertown Pictures, Realistes and City Fallen Leaves were all excellent albums and I played them a lot around that time. Since 2005’s City Fallen Leaves I’ve lost track a bit, but 2014 seems like the right time to get back on the right path. There’s a new Comet Gain album Paperback Ghosts out there on Fortuna Pop! and it sounds just as good as those oh so dear early albums. This one below is a truly outstanding outtake from the new album. It’s called Sad Love and Other Short Stories and it goes like this,.


Moving on to Melbourne, Australia. If you are long time reader, you are also well aware of my Anthony Atkinson admiration. His early solo albums Come Home For Autumn (2003) and Loyalty Songs (2006) on Candle Records were kind of a big deal here at the headquarters and received a whole lot of love from me back then. It has been a while, but because I really like the guy, I’ve been following him as closely as possible during all these years and listened to every demo he has posted on Soundcloud. A week ago the finest Australian indie pop label The Lost and Lonesome Recording Co released the wonderful news I had been waiting for for several years. They will release a new Anthony Atkinson & the Running Mates album Broken Folks on 17th of October. The first outtake is called It Radiates and sounds rather magnificent to me. I’ve really missed this voice.

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