Woodpigeon Finland Tour 9.9 – 12.9.2014


Something extremely exciting is just around the corner. Canadian Woodpigeon (aka Mark Andrew of the Hamiltons) will be touring in Finland next week. Helsinki, Tampere (MOP Festival) and our Flavour of the Month Club here in Turku. I became Woodpigeon follower rather late when I bought his albums Songbook, Die Stadt Muzikanten, Treasury Library Canada a couple of years ago, but I’ve been a big fan ever since and I still regularly listen to those amazingly beautiful albums. The latest and equally wonderful Woodpigeon album Thumbtacks + Glue came out last year. I added a few of my own Woodpigeon favourites below the tour schedule. That’s just a tip of this lovely iceberg though and it was incredibly difficult to just pick one amazing track from each album I own.. and I just kept on changing the songs on this little blog post). You can listen to (and buy) the albums in all their beauty at Bandcamp.

Woodpigeon Finland Tour Schedule

09 September 2014 – RADIO HELSINKI – IN SESSION | Helsinki, FI
09 September 2014 – MBAR | Helsinki, FI
10 September 2014 – ARKADIA INTERNATIONAL BOOKSTORE | Helsinki, FI
11 September 2014 – MONSTERS OF POP FESTIVAL / TELAKKA | Tampere, FI
12 September 2014 – FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH / PIKKU-TORRE | Turku, FI

Woodpigeon – Robin Song (from Thumbtacks + Glue)


Woodpigeon – Home As A Romanticized Concept Where Everyone Loves You Always And Forever (from Songbook)


Woodpigeon Website

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