Video of the Day #151: Withered Hand


Withered Hand has a new music video for the song Black Tambourine. The song is an excellent outtake from the latest Withered Hand album New Gods that came out early in the year on Fortuna POP! / Slumberland. That guy on the video definitely looks exactly like Dan Willson and a cat makes a cameo appearance. What’s not to love. This is Withered Hand and Black Tambourine.


Withered Hand Website

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  1. Can I just thank you for great recommendations-I agreed with your jurado review except mine came with an extra cd of him in a church just with backing vocals and some new songs-this is one of my top ten and I am certain you will be blown away given the main release

  2. Thanks for the comment Nick. Yeah, I actually have a copy that has that bonus disc as well, but I hadn’t paid too much attention to it (I guess I have way too many records). I’m listening to it now and it’s indeed magical and more my cup of tea than the actual album.

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