One Chord to Another turns 13!


One year to another. 13 strikes, but I’m not out yet. Maybe when 23 strikes. Or maybe more like 13 down and maybe 2 to go. We’ll see. 13th birthday is not a cause for a huge celebration. Let’s leave that for the 15th anniversary. But I think it’s still worth mentioning. Unfortunately this last year probably wasn’t the highlight of I’ve been rather horrible at replying to emails and haven’t updated the blog very frequently. The other things in life (like the day job) have just taken most of the energy lately. My apologies. But hey! This thing is still somehow standing after 13 years and while that’s not a reason for a parade of any sort, I can still show a Litti thumb to myself and be a little proud of this small achievement.

And here’s the soundtrack for the 13th birthday party of

First we have a song from the new Sloan album Commonwealth, which I think is magnificent. 13 (Under a Bad Sign) is not my favourite song on this wonderful album, but well it fits quite well to this, because it has that lucky number 13 on it. And yeah. I do love this one as well.


Then we have song from J.E Sunde’s solo album Shapes That Kiss The Lips of God. I shortly featured it a while back and I’m still totally addicted to this album. I just keep on listening to the songs Blinding Flash of Light and Dream Baby over and over again. This one is Dream Baby.

And last but not least. Of course I want to include something Finnish, still fairly unknown, but still truly outstanding. Lac Belot and the title track of his Elizabeth EP. This whole EP is marvellous and deserves a lot of attention.

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