Gudrid Hansdottir & Ochre Room Finland Tour 30.9 – 4.10


Next week will be a good week, because Gudrid Hansdottir and Ochre Room will be touring in Finland together. I love them both and I’m thrilled to be able to see their concerts at Flavour of the Month club next friday. Check out the full tour schedule below. If you decide not to attend any of these shows, you should send a note signed by you and your mother that explains the reasons behind this odd decision.

TI 30.9. Helsinki, Pohjoismainen kulttuuripiste (Gudrid + Lauri solo)
TI 30.9. Radio Helsinki / Njassa.
KE 1.10. Helsinki, Siltanen / Oireklubi (Gudrid + Ochre Room duo)
TO 2.10. Tampere, Sampola LIVE (Gudrid)
TO 2.10. Tampere, Telakka (Gudrid + Ochre Room)
PE 3.10. Turku, Pikku-Torre / Flavour of the Month, Pikku-Torre (Gudrid + Ochre Room)
LA 4.10. Hämeenkyrö, Frantsila (Gudrid + Ochre Room)


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