Matt Paxton, Wes Tirey & J.E. Sunde


I’ve been following Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Paxton after I bought his 2011 release How the Land Lies and fell in love with it. Ok, this happened something like 8-9 months ago, so our relationship is fairly new, but I really love that record, I still have it on the iPod and listen to quite often. The new Matt Paxton release Mountain Eyes EP came out on Other Songs Music Co. on the 23rd of September. This one is really bare and intimate. Acoustic guitar and a four-track recorder. You don’t need much more that that if you are able to write beautiful and captivating folk songs. Matt is definitely able to do that. This one is Hummingbird from Mountain Eyes.

Matt Paxton Website


These days I’m slow with the updates and all the news are already old news when I actually write about them. But let’s make an exception this time around. Wes Tirey’s new release O, Annihilator came out today on Full Spectrum Records and I just bought a digital copy half an hour ago. Therefore I haven’t spend much time with it yet, but it certainly sounds like a magnificent follow-up to last year’s amazing I Stood Among The Trees EP. It’s very bare and lo-fi, but highly addictive. This one is Blue Ridge Mountains Blues from O, Annihilator.

Wes Tirey at Facebook


And last but not least, something from J.E. Sunde’s solo album Shapes that Kiss The Lips of God. I’ve written about his a few times, but I feel like I should end every blog post with a song from this album. I just got a word from the local record store that my physical copy has arrived to the record store. So maybe that’s a good reason to post A Blinding Flash of Light once again. Such a great song, such a great record.

J.E Sunde Website

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