Viljami Kukkonen, Skip Zone, Janne Laurila & Puumaja

I haven’t posted too much Finnish music this year. That’s rather criminal, because there’s a lot of marvellous stuff out there. Like these either new or fairly new singles that are all magnificent. Actually I should do another part sometime soon, because I can’t fit everything to this little blog entry


First we have something extremely exciting. The first outtake and music video from the forthcoming Viljami Kukkonen album Jos rakkaus tapahtuu. Like I’ve said several times. Viljami’s debut album Mörönsyötti is an album that is very dear to me and by far my favourite Finnish album of the current decade. Therefore I’m really eager to hear the new full-length due out next year. We’ve once again reached the time of the year when you can only see the daylight through a factory/office/school window, but thankfully we can always turn to the warmhearted kindness of Viljami’s music. That should be more than enough to carry us through the winter. This is Säkki from the forthcoming album. Directed by Finn Andersson.

Viljami Kukkonen – Säkki from Viljami Kukkonen on Vimeo.

Viljami Kukkonen at Facebook


Moving on to the second single My Sweet Parisienne from the forthcoming Skip Zone album. I like this one even more than the excellent first single and therefore I’m really looking forward to the full album. You can download this folk rock beauty for free from their soundcloud page. This is My Sweet Parisienne by Skip Zone.

Skip Zone at Facebook


One of my all-time favourite singer-songwriters Janne Laurila is also planning on a new album and released a brand new single Olen vain ihminen a month ago. You can find this wonderful new song from Spotify and digital stores. Olen vain ihminen goes like this.


Janne Laurila at Facebook


And last but not least, we have the music journalist of the year and one of the loveliest guys of any time period, Mikko Meriläinen doing some splendid music with his band Puumaja. I wasn’t even aware that they were still active, but I was pleasantly surprised that a new Puumaja song surfaced a couple of days ago. And this still sounds excellent to me. This is Vesiposti by Puumaja.

Puumaja Website

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