Ryan Boldt – Broadside Ballads & Elephant Micah – Where in Our Woods


Canadian Ryan Boldt is about to release a solo album Broadside Ballads in late November. I’m thrilled to hear this one, because Ryan Boldt is the front man of one of my favourite groups, The Deep Dark Woods. I still count The Place I Left Behind by The Deep Dark Woods as my favourite international album of this current decade. That’s one amazing folk rock album and all the other The Deep Dark Woods are also magnificent. I haven’t heard this solo album yet, but I know I’m going to hit that pre-order button after listening this first outtake Love Is Pleasin’ a few times.

Ryan Boldt at Bandcamp


Legendary Elephant Micah has teamed up with Western Vinyl who will release his new album Where in Our Woods in January 2015. The first outtake is called By The Canal and obviously it’s a fantastic song. I also highly recommend his back catalogue. Joseph O’Connell has written a lot of outstanding music during the past twelve years and he should be universally famous. A big part of that treasure vault is available on his Bandcamp for name your price deal. I only wish he would add everything he has done there, because I really love the early stuff and some of them are still missing from my collection. This however is By The Canal from the forthcoming album Where in Our Woods.

Elephant Micah at Bandcamp

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