M. Lockwood Porter – 27 & John Moreland’s Pledge campaign


M. Lockwood Porter is a songwriter from Berkeley, CA (originally from Oklahoma). His second album 27 has been out since mid-October and I’ve had it on heavy rotation ever since. There’s definitely some versatility here that I like a lot. 27 contains achingly beautiful americana songs, impressive 70s influenced folk rock tunes, damn enjoyable replacement rockers and so on and pretty much everything works. M. Lockwood Porter might not yet have a seat at the coffee table for the world’s greatest songwriters, but the man sure has a lot of talent and has created a rather excellent new album. I know that I usually post the slow and sad tunes, but I feel like rockin’ a little tonight, so this is Restless from the album 27. This one and You Only Talk About Your Band have certainly brought a lot of joy to some tough work days during the past month or two (which might seem weird, if you listen to the lyrics of this one).

M. Lockwood Porter Website

I’ve noticed that M. Lockwood Porter has been touring lately with a huge favourite of mine, John Moreland, so I thought they also fit nicely under the same blog entry. John’s latest album In The Throes was #3 on my albums of the year 2013 list and I’m extremely confident that the follow-up High on Tulsa Heat will be another masterpiece. John currently has a pledge campaign going on, which already easily reached the goal, but a little bonus probably doesn’t hurt at all. So check that out, if you want to participate. Here’s a new amazing John Moreland song You Don’t Care for Me Enough to Cry from PPS sessions.

John Moreland Website
John Moreland – High on Tulsa Heat at pledgemusic.com

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