Richard Allen – In the Front Room & James Frost – Nameless


I don’t really know anything about Richard Allen. I just saw the cover art of his record In The Front Room on Bandcamp’s new arrivals and it just kind of looked like one that I might like, so I decided to hit the play button. It was a rather splendid decision, because I was hooked in a few seconds when Richard Allen started playing and beautiful, quite traditional English folk music filled the air. I bought the digital download after listening to this for a few minutes. I’m not the biggest expert on English / British folk music, but this certainly takes me back to the early 70s where people like Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, Sandy Denny and Kevin Ayers ruled the world. I’m loving this wholeheartedly at the moment. You can stream(+buy) the whole magically enchanting folk album at Bandcamp. This is Will I Ever Lean? from the album.

Richard Allen at Facebook


Staying on the same ballpark. James Frost is also an English folk musician whose new Nameless EP reflects the spirit of those 70s English folk maestros I mentioned above. I’ve had this on the play list for several weeks and I like it a lot. Especially this title track Nameless is just wonderful. You can again buy / stream the whole thing over at Bandcamp.

James Frost Website

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