Guy Capecelatro III – Scatter the Remains


I can’t exactly remember how I found this album at Bandcamp a couple of weeks ago, but I’m extremely pleased that it happened. The music instantly won my heart over, I bought the download and this has been on heavy rotation ever since. I’m probably very late to this party, because it looks like Guy Capecelatro III has released a lot of music over the years. Based on Magnet mix-tape article I read, he has a lot of friends that I admire (like Sidney Lindner, Jill Andrews, Tim Showalter), so I probably should have stumbled upon this treasure of literate folk music of his way sooner. Thankfully I did found it now and I’ve been enjoying his new album Scatter the Remains a whole lot lately. Especially the songs Atoms, Scattershot and Stupid Moon are worth all the hearts. It’s certainly not the happiest album I’ve heard, but somehow those beautiful slow-paced melodies and that warm and kind atmosphere of the songs still makes me feel like I’m going to be just fine. I’ve been also listening to Guy’s older album North for the Winter and it’s equally wonderful. You can stream/buy the whole thing at Bandcamp. Here are some wonderful outtakes from Scatter the Remains that came out on Burst & Bloom Records in November, 2014. Music video for the song Unknowable + Stupid Moon and Atoms from the new album.


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