Jere Ijäs, Nopat & Jukka Nousiainen

I should start making those year-end lists, but I still have a few dozen 2014 releases that I haven’t featured at all. Some that even might appear on those lists. So I try to shortly go through some of them before writing those lists later in December.


First we have the new self-titled Jere Ijäs album that came out on Turenki Records a few months ago. 20 years younger version of me would have probably thought that this is dreadfully boring, but the current version of me thinks it’s a beautiful album full of warmth and human kindness. I pretty much hate the song Mitä tapahtui, tapahtui, but other than that.. it’s all love. For example Jostakin syystä oon onnellinen, Etelänvaunu and Kun näet vuodenkierron are all gorgeous.


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This second Nopat album Valonkajoa that came out on on Kioski Records early in the fall has been barely mentioned around here. That’s rather criminal, because it’s a wonderful album and certainly will be one of my top 10 Finnish albums when I finally make those lists. This is Liian Täydellinen from that lovely album.

Nopat Website

Oh and Jukka Nousiainen. Of course I love this guy. Who doesn’t? There just haven’t been much need to recommend his solo album Huonoa seuraa, because it has been so well covered in the actual music media. And rightfully so. My silly ramblings on this tiny and rather worthless blog wouldn’t really add anything to this story. But yeah, still wanted to make it finally known that I’m definitely on board on this bandwagon and this a top 10 Finnish release for me. Huonoa seuraa is one of the most delightful albums of the year and it’s just a whole lot of fun to listen to it. Here’s that song called Meneehän se elämä tässäkin that steals a bit from the almighty Jolly Jumpers. But hey, if you want to steal some, it’s a good decision to steal from one of the best ever.

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