Red Jacket Mine, Paul Gonzenbach & Naïm Amor

I should start making those year-end lists, but I still have a few dozen 2014 releases that I haven’t featured at all. Some that even might appear on those lists. So I try to shortly go through some of them before writing those lists later in December.


Red Jacket Mine is a Seattle-based group that has been featured here a few times over the years. Their new EP called Pure Delight came out a few weeks ago and I’ve been fully enjoying their soulful rock once again. Here is my favourite songs from the new one. It’s called Crow and features Shane Tutmarc on co-lead vocals.

Red Jacket Mine Website


Staying in Seattle. Next we have Paul Gonzenbach. He had his albums available for name your price deal at Bandcamp earlier in the year. I picked up four of them and paid 5-6 dollars. Which was criminally small amount based on how much I’ve enjoyed them during this latter part of 2014. Paul Gonzenbach used to be in The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up, but nowadays he is releasing fabulous music under his own name. My favourite out of these is last year’s Notify Your Friends: Everything Ends, but his 2014 releases are also excellent. This one is the opener from the album Drew Breath and it’s called Breakneck Speed.

Paul Gonzenbach at Bandcamp


Moving on Tucson Arizona where French born Naïm Amor is making some rather magical albums and film scores. His new album Hear The Walls has been a bit of a surprise favourite here at the headquarters. It can turn the dark anxiety of Finnish fall / early winter into something serene, but colourful. This beautiful record is now out on Fort Lowell Records. This is Turn The Magic On from that lovely album.

And here’s a little short film about the man and guitars.


Naïm Amor Website

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