She Keeps Bees, Bear Medicine & Faux Fawn

I should start making those year-end lists, but I still have a few dozen 2014 releases that I haven’t featured at all. Some that even might appear on those lists. So I try to shortly go through some of them before writing those lists later in December.


This first one is a very current favourite actually, because I just got fully into this She Keeps Bees album that is out in Europe On BB Island. It might not be something that I usually listen to, but thankfully I gave them a chance, because this is rather excellent on all accounts. I find that certain hypnotic beauty of the album 8 Houses irresistible. This song and video Owl is a perfect example.


She Keeps Bees Website

Bear Medicine from Lexington, Kentucky brings us music for traveling to the moon. The new album The Moon Has Been All My Life has been on the playlist for a month or two and I’m liking it a lot. Here are two fine examples of their beautiful sounds, Blood In Common and Sevens.

Bear Medicine Website


And last but not least. Something brand new. If you are dedicated follower of instead of fashion, you are well aware that I’m a big fan of Paul Otteson. This guy just has the loveliest voice and is always able to write amazing songs. His new band Faux Fawn just released their new album Lonesome Loon. This one sure goes to darker side of things as well, but still I often find myself just adoring the warmth of their sound. But in a way that dark vs light contrast works wonderfully. You can stream/buy from Bandcamp. This is the opening track Lover’s Curse.

Faux Fawn Website

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