Video of the Day #154: Frontier Ruckus – The Splendid World


It’s no surprise, but I love the new Frontier Ruckus album Sitcom Afterlife. It’s the best thing that has been released this year. They won the album of the year award here last year and they are going to do it again this year. Eternity of Dimming probably stays as my favourite Ruckus album, but this one is also utterly wonderful. Little Henrietta, Bathroom Stall Hypnosis, Crabapples in Century’s Storm would all be in the song top 10, if I will allow more than 1 song per artist. There’s that song by J.E. Sunde and then there’s Frontier Ruckus. Some of Sitcom Afterlife feels like it’s somewhat bitter break-up stories dressed into the most beautiful and colourful disguise. They now also have this new fabulous music video for the album opener The Splendid World directed by John Hanson.


Frontier Ruckus Website

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