Top 10 Finnish Songs of the Year 2014

Another day, another pointless list. This time I give you my favourite Finnish songs of the year 2014. This was a tough one to make and it really hurts to leave out many of my favourite bands. Thankfully most of them will appear on the forthcoming Finnish albums of the year list.

10. Swaying Wires – Some Blue Sky

First we have Swaying Wires and the title track of their wonderful debut album Some Blue Sky that came out on UK-based Battle Worldwide Recordings early in the year. This is such a perfect ending to that beautiful record.

9. Joutomies Aleksei – Kolmipäinen koira

I’ve had a soft spot for this one since I first heard it back in 2010. I’m not sure did I list it then, but I’m going to do it this time around, because Ei-No Records officially released Joutomies Aleksei’s lovely folk album in early 2014. It also contains other highlights like Laulu Tuomolan Äijästä and Jack & Arlene.

8. Gim Kordon – Sateessa

Gim Kordon’s album has gotten almost a ridiculous amount of air time in this household. If you tried to academically review it, you would run out of paper while listing all the flaws. But if you just hit play, it feels just perfect and you will enjoy every second. The highlight of the album for me is the chorus of this song called Sateessa. That chorus sure captures a moment.

7. Jukka Nousiainen – Ilman sua en elää vois

This might be a little weird favourite song from Huonoa seuraa by Jukka Nousiainen, but I just love it to bits. Minute and a half of perfect Finnish rock’n’roll.

6. Koria Kitten Riot – Cold Cold Arms

Between a Pillow and A Soft Place is probably my favourite song from Koria Kitten Riot’s latest masterpiece Rich Men, Poor Men, Good Men, but because that one took a head start and lured it’s way on my 2013 year end list, I’ll go with the second best this time around. And this awesome song called Cold Cold Arms sure has the quality to be on any list I can think of. Such a great song.

5. Pietarin Spektaakkeli – Kuuma mama / Puerto Rico (Haaveissani)

Pietarin Spektaakkeli released a stunning album Rakkauteen that will appear on my top 3 on the forthcoming album list. There’s actually two songs here, because I just couldn’t decide between Kuuma mama / Puerto Rico (Haaveissani). I know those songs are miles away from the music that I normally listen to and I was somewhat surprised that I loved them so passionately. I even tried to resist them at first, but soon I have to give in and admit that they are some of the best songs released in 2014.


4. Suomen Zorro & Elämän paineet: 6 syliä

Then something a bit more obscure. This might not even be officially out anywhere, but I don’t really care. I don’t have much rules when I write these lists. It’s just a gut feeling and that tells me 6 syliä by Suomen Zorro & Elämän paineet is one of the best Finnish songs of the year. Absolutely amazing stuff. I can’t wait to hear that Vähäsarja album early next year.


3. Viljami Kukkonen – Säkki

At first I thought that I just leave these new Viljami Kukkonen songs for 2015, because I’m quite sure that they will rule my charts when it’s time to write 2015 year end list. However, in the end I just didn’t have the heart to leave his new song out. I’m a huge fan and his debut album Mörönsyötti is the best Finnish album of the current decade. Follow up will hit the stores and our hearts early 2015 and this song called Säkki was/is the first digital single from the forthcoming album.


2. Ochre Room – Wistful Smiles

It was extremely difficult to pick just one song from Ochre Room’s latest masterpiece Box, Bar & Diamond. In the end, I had to go with Wistful Smiles and that’s mostly because of the singing. I think there are even better compositions and even better lyrics on the record, but the singing. Just ah. That last two minutes of the song leave me speechless. Lauri and Minttu singing together so beautifully. It sounds heavenly good. Even though this appeared on their second album, this was actually the first song that Tomi and Lauri wrote together years ago. Now that’s just not fair to other songwriters. “Oh, hey let’s try it out and see if we can write a song” and the end result is this amazing song. Oh my.

And the Finnish song of the year award goes to:


1. Lac Belot – Elizabeth

I fell in love with Lac Belot’s debut EP Elizabeth a few seconds after I started listening to it and our relationship is still working beautifully. Some might remember that in my original writing I said that Elizabeth might be my least favourite song on the EP. Well recently I have leaned more towards this magnificent title track and therefore it’s worthy of that song of the year award. It’s a close call between Elizabeth and his other song II and could go either way. One thing is certain though. Lac Belot is wonderful and fully deserves his 1st place. This is the Finnish song of the year. Lac Belot and Elizabeth.

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