Viljami Kukkonen – Jos Rakkaus tapahtuu


You might have been wondering where is that post about new Viljami Kukkonen album Jos rakkaus tapahtuu. This is not actually it, but I already put this beauty on that album of the month box in the right frame. I plan to write that album of the month piece about it sometime during my winter holiday (the first week of February). However, because I’m a big fan and still rate his debut as the finest Finnish album of the current decade, it felt wrong to ignore this new one for so long. So I wrote this quick piece just to say that it’s now out and available on CD & digital. Vinyl release should follow within a month or two. It’s a beautiful record and gives me much more pain relief than these red triangle pills that the doctor ordered. This is the opener Joko lähdetään. More about Jos rakkaus tapahtuu in early February.

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