Vähäsarja – Vähäsarja, Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear


I’ve already mentioned Vähäsarja a few times, because I’ve been really eager to hear his debut album. The wait is finally over, because Helmi Levyt delivered this beauty into the world on the 13th of February. I don’t have a physical copy yet, because it hadn’t reached the local record store last time I visited. Therefore I’ve only listened to it a few times over at Spotify, but I’m already hooked and very convinced that it will live up to my sky high expectations. Petri Vähäsarja is one of the most interesting Finnish folk singer-songwriters these days. He has already shown this with his band Suomen Zorro & Elämän paineet and this solo debut is a further proof of his talent. He has found his own voice and writes unique material that will always challenge the listener. Perhaps this album can’t be filed under easy listening, if you pay attention to the lyrics. However, despite all that sadness and somewhat heavy subjects, the album still manages to sound warm, comforting and peaceful. I’m not exactly sure how he is able to achieve that. This is the closer of the album called Herra on mun on kanssa.

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I don’t need to get into details about this one. The actual music media will take care of that, because I’m sure this will receive a whole lot of hype (and already has probably). But still I had to make a little mention that I think this is absolutely brilliant and my favourite album in the world at the moment. Up until now, I kind of preferred those early J.Tillman albums over this stuff released under the name Father John Misty. But now I’m not so sure anymore. I mean I still love that J.Tillman stuff, especially the first two should be world famous folk classics. Still, I Love You, Honeybear is fucking incredible and I usually hate everything that sounds big and ambitious. I’m down to earth guy and prefer to stay on the grass root level. However, I love everything about this insane(ly) beautiful masterpiece. Ok, maybe The Ideal Husband is not that great, but everything else is just gorgeous and it’s a bliss to listen to this. I’ve listened to it for hours and hours and find it really difficult to stop. I suppose that’s not really a problem. This is Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins).

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