Heartjet – Under The Spell & Egotrippi – Uusi aamu


Time to get back to the basics of this website/blog and post a couple of great Finnish pop songs. Heartjet are working hard on their debut full-length and just released a second single from the forthcoming album called Under The Spell / Picture. I’m a long time fan of this power pop duo and really like these new songs as well. Under The Spell is available at Bandcamp.

Heartjet at Facebook


Egotrippi doesn’t really need an introduction. They are one of the finest pop bands in the country and unlike 99% of the bands covered on this blog, they are also somewhat famous. That’s the only reason why I haven’t written that much about them over these 13 years I’ve been writing this blog. They don’t really need my help and there’s nothing that I can add that hasn’t already been said. Nevertheless, they have new single out there called Uusi aamu and I think it’s absolutely wonderful. Their new album Vuosi nolla drops into our hearts on the 20th of March. Here’s the music video for the lead single Uusi aamu.

Egotrippi Website

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