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Porter & The Pollies, but separately this time around. I’ve been listening to Chris Porter since The Back Row Baptists days. Broken Hearts & Bad Decisions by The Back Row Baptists, Some Dark Holler’s album and that Porter & The Pollies EP/mini-album. I’ve really enjoyed all of those releases. Porter is currently getting ready to release his solo album This Red Mountain and I’m very confident that I’m going to like this one as well. The release date has been set for March 10th 2015, but the first outtake has already been out for a while. It’s called Hardest Healing and you can hear this great song below.

Chris Porter Website

The Pollies are also releasing a new record this year. I learned this over at Bucketfull of Nails today. I had already decided to write a post about Chris Porter, so when I noticed this, it was almost too obvious decision to team these together under the same post. Sorry about that. Anyway, I really dig this sweet song Lost from the forthcoming The Pollies album. This has pop sensibility all around it and like the title of this blog says, I’m really a pop guy at heart and therefore it’s no wonder I’m liking this a lot. The Pollies album will be released by Single Lock Records later in the year.

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