Moor Hound – Missin’ Out & Hayden – Hey Love


More brand new stuff. Moor Hound aka Steve Marino from Bloomington, Indiana, has been on my radar for a while, but hasn’t been featured on this page at all. Flannelgraph Records released the new Moor Hound single Missin’ Out b​/​w Married on the 24th of February. I really liked his Stifled Spirit album that had some really beautiful soft folk songs on it. This new one is perhaps a bit more pop-orientated, but sounds equally good to me. Here’s the a-side Missin’ Out.

Moor Hound Website


Legendary Hayden is about to release a new album Hey Love later this month. I have really high hopes for this one. The previous one Us Alone is actually my favourite Hayden album. It was kind of a slow grower for me and I didn’t really appreciate enough when it came out. However, it’s still on my iPod and I still return to that amazing album on a weekly or monthly basis. Hey Love will be released by Arts & Crafts and will drop into our hearts on the 24th of March. I’m aware that you get to stream it, if you pre-order, but think I rather buy it from the local record store, because it’s worth it to support those. Here’s the wonderful title track Hey Love.

Hayden Website

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