Video of the Day #157: The Inbreds


We are really up-to-date here at the headquarters. This video of the day is about 20 years old and I just found it during boxing day 2014. Anyway, I thought I have to post it on the blog as well, because Any Sense Of Time by The Inbreds has been one of my favourite songs during the past couple of months. I don’t really understand why I never found them in the late 90s. Totally my kind of stuff and they were even on Tag Recordings along with my (all-time) favourites Fountains Of Wayne and The Lemonheads. Better late than never I suppose. The reason why I found them now was Mike O’Neill’s solo stuff. I really loved Mike’s Wild Lines album and had been listening to it for a year and when the Zunior’s boxing day sale arrived again, I thought I will pick up his back catalogue. So first I picked the solo records and then wanted to get a couple of The Inbreds albums as well, because he was one half of The Inbreds (the other being Dave Ullrich who actually runs Zunior). And now both The Inbreds and Mike O’Neill are constantly playing on my iPod while I bag potatoes at the factory. I don’t know how well people know Mike O’Neill in Canada, but he should famous. And I should write a long post about The Inbreds and that Mike O’Neill solo stuff, because it’s all great and the man is a pop genius. I just don’t have time for that now so I post just post this wonderful song Any Sense Of Time by The Inbreds (from their album Kombinator 1994).


Mike O’Neill Website

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