Micah Schnabel – Not The Boy You Used To Know EP (and more)


Micah Schnabel recently released a new EP called Not The Boy You Used To Know. This is obviously a big deal in my head and heart. I’m a long time fan of Micah and his band Two Cow Garage and both have been featured on these pages several times over the years. I just really like Micah’s songwriting. For example that new Two Cow Garage tune Let The Boys Be Girls is once again something so brilliant. Like a damn perfect anthem for the young ones in The Replacements mold. Not that I am young anymore, but I feel young when I listen to that, because Micah kicks all those layers of cynicism out of my body. This new solo EP is also mighty good and all five songs are gorgeous. You can get it from Bandcamp. This is More Drugs from the EP.

And this is Two Cow Garage – Let The Boys Be Girls

Micah Schnabel at Bandcamp

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