John Statz, Joe Pug & Chris Porter


Another brilliant week of new music. These three great singer-songwriters all released a new full-length album earlier in the week.

John Statz is a Denver-based folk/americana singer-songwriter and his new full-length is called TULSA. I took part in his Kickstarter project and therefore I’ve already had Tulsa on repeat for several weeks and I think it’s a very impressive effort. It feels like the best album that John Statz has made. That’s actually a lot said, because the previous one Old Fashioned was already pretty great on all accounts. Nevertheless, John Statz sounds even more confident now and has written some great stories. Tennessee, Exposure and Old Pro are mighty good examples of first-class storytelling. Tulsa was produced by Jeffrey Foucault and came out on 10th of March. I’m not sure is this a bit weird favourite song, but this song Tennessee just really struck me from the get go and never seems to let go of me. This is Tennessee.

John Statz Website


I’m long time Joe Pug fan, but this time I have one negative thing to say. Even though Joe Pug is a really handsome man, I still don’t like that cover art. Not that it matters much, because the music on his new album Windfall seems to be wonderful once again. During these first listens I’ve especially enjoyed the latter stages of the album. Windfallen and Pair Of Shadows are such a beautiful combo. It’s a really good album as a whole as well and full of Joe’s poetic songwriting that most likely will continue to amaze me throughout the year. This one is another early favourite called The Measure.

Joe Pug Website


I already wrote a bit about Porter’s album a few weeks back, so this one is just a reminder that Chris Porter’s excellent new solo album This Red Mountain is now out and available. This one is Don’t Let Me Go from the new album.

Chris Porter Website

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