Simon Joyner, A Grave With No Name & The Rollstons


This is a quick post of three songs I fell in love with today.

Simon Joyner – Nostalgia Blues

First we have singer-songwriter Simon Joyner and his song Nostalgia Blues from his forthcoming album Grass, Branch & Bone (out 31st of March). I pretty much forgot to breath while listening to this work of art. The big question is why the hell I haven’t I been paying attention to Simon Joyner for years? I think the last one I bought is Hotel Lives, but that beautiful thing came out ages ago. Somehow I just lost track of him. I have some catching up to do, if he has been this amazing throughout the years. This is the awesome Nostalgia Blues.

Simon Joyner Website

A Grave With No Name – Onion

A Grave With No Name is something completely new to me, but I instantly fell in love with his music when I somehow saw his label’s tweet and went to listen to his songs. He is about to release his fourth album (so yeah, I’m really late to this party) in May. It will be produced by Mark Nevers and called Feathers Wet, Under the Moon. There’s a couple of songs out there already and both are absolutely gorgeous. My favourite one is Orion mostly because it does remind me a lot of one of my all-time favourite bands Sparklehorse. I’m very eager to hear the whole album in the spring. This is Orion by A Grave With No Name.

A Grave With No Name at Facebook

The Rollstons – A Silent Film

And last but not least. The Rollstons just posted a new song from their forthcoming album. A Silent Film is another future classic and I still love listening to the blissfully twisted pop music of The Rollstons. They are even playing a concert here in Turku (at Bar Kuka) next friday and I’m obviously extremely excited about that. The only downside is that I probably have 4am wake up on Friday morning and therefore I might be a bit sleepy when the evening comes. However, I’m fairly confident that The Rollstons can kick me awake with their live concert. This is The Rollstons and their new song A Silent Film.

The Rollstons at Facebook

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