Great Peacock – Making Ghosts, Hip Hatchet – Hold You Like A Harness


A big favourite during the week has been the debut album by Great Peacock. I wrote about the earlier EP a year or two ago. It has taken them a while to finish the debut full-length, but now the wait is over and Great Peacock from Nashville, Tennessee are ready to create a beautiful harmony-filled havoc in your heart. Making Ghosts is an excellent album and something that will stay on my playlist for a long time. They say it’s pop music with folk tendencies. So it’s kind of like made for me, because I’m a fan of melodic pop, who has drifted more and more towards folk/country/americana during the years (therefore the word pop still stands proudly on the subtitle of the blog). Making Ghosts was released by the forever lovely label called This Is American Music. They know their stuff and I can highly recommend pretty much everything they’ve released during the last few years. This is Church Bells from Making Ghosts. Listen to/buy the whole thing on that Bandcamp page.

Great Peacock Website


I wrote a little about this one a few months back, but the whole beautiful thing wasn’t out then and therefore a reminder is in order. Portland-based singer-songwriter Hip Hatchet aka Philippe Bronchtein has a new album out and available. It’s called Hold You Like A Harness and it’s mighty good. This one is Tacoma Bound, one of my own favourites from the new album. Check out and buy the whole thing on his Bandcamp page.

Hip Hatchet Website

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