Robert Chaney – Cracked Picture Frames


The blog has been pretty much on hold during the spring and therefore I still haven’t written about some real treasures that have been released during the first half of 2015. Robert Chaney’s new album Cracked Picture Frames is one of those treasures. This London-based folk troubadour has written extremely convincing album. It’s not really an album that I listen to on a daily basis, because it doesn’t work as just background music. You really need to pay attention, but that’s only a good thing. We already have more than enough of that zip-a-dee-do-dah filling the airwaves. So every now and then it’s good to just focus on the song and listen when a gifted folk musician tells you a dark story. Robert Chaney is a brilliant songwriter and storyteller. The whole album is gorgeous, but these two below really take my breath away. This is songwriting of the highest order. The Cyclist and The Ballad of Edward and Lisa.

Robert Chaney Website

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