Topi Saha – Nykyaika


It’s probably quite true that I don’t really like the major labels that much. It feels like they don’t really have anything to offer for me. Of course I’m a total lo-fi twat and therefore even when I like the songwriters and their ability to create catchy melodies, the production/arrangements often makes it still sound rather horrible to me. So in my books, major labels quite rarely get things right, but credit when credit is due. Warner Music Finland have done a couple of things right during 2015. Maybe that’s because of Lasse Kurki. I don’t really know. That Egotrippi album Vuosi Nolla is gorgeous and then there’s of course folk singer-songwriter Topi Saha and his new album Nykyaika that just came out.

I’m a long time Topi Saha fan. I’ve been following him since someone recommended him on guestbook all those years ago and forwarded me to his myspace page. I don’t think I even know for sure who that was, but whoever it was, I thank you. I found the song Hämeentie 61 then and I’ve loved Topi Saha’s music since I first heard that song. I suppose it’s a bit silly, but somehow the fact that Topi Saha was signed by Warner and that they have sticked with him for two full-lengths gives me belief that this music business still makes some sense and that good things happen to good people (I’ve never met the guy personally, but I believe he is a good guy). I even admit that I was concerned that Warner was going to destroy him and turn him into something he is not (or something I thought he is not.. yeah I know the whole content of that sentence is stupid and ludicrous). This has not been the case and Topi Saha’s music still sound magnificent to my ears. Sure being a lo-fi twat, I might have a little against a few arrangement ideas, but there’s nothing there that could even remotely spoil the magic of his songwriting and Nykyaika is another great Topi Saha album. It just sounds really really good. I especially love the last song Helsingin taivas. If I remember correctly, Topi Saha took a couple of those’s year-end titles last time around and Helsingin taivas is definitely a good candidate for that Finnish song of the year 2015 award.

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