Danny & The Champions of the World, A Grave With No Name & John Calvin Abney


I’ve never been a dedicated follower of fashion, but I’ve always been a dedicated follower of Danny Wilson. New Danny & The Champions of the World album What Kind Of Love drops into our arms on the 1st of June and based on this first outtake below, it’s going to bring a lot warmness and tenderness into our souls. The album will be released by the ever lovely and constantly brilliant UK label Loose Music. This is the soulful title track What Kind Of Love.

Danny & The Champions of the World Website


I already posted the single Orion before this new A Grave With No Name album was out, but a reminder is in order because the album is now out and available. I still love Orion so much. It sounds a lot like Sparklehorse to me and well I’m a huge Sparklehorse fan. However, the album has other treasures as well. Like this beauty below called I Will Ride a Horse. The album Feathers Wet, Under the Moon is now out on Lefse Records.

A Grave With No Name at Facebook


And here’s one that I listened to quite a lot a couple of months ago, but don’t think I ever said a word. John Calvin Abney is a gifted songwriter from Oklahoma and his latest album Better Luck is mighty good. I especially have a fond memory of listening this song Dallas City Lights on my way back home after an evening/night of playing records in a bar and watching some great bands play. It wasn’t Dallas, but it sure felt good to listen to this on repeat at 3 am while walking under the Turku city lights. You can buy/listen to the whole record on his Bandcamp.

John Calvin Abney at Facebook

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