Courtney Marie Andrews – Leuven Letters & China – Towards The Sun


A quick post about a couple of music releases that I’ve loved during the week. First we have Courtney Marie Andrews from Phoenix, Arizona and her Leuven Letters EP. I got severely addicted to this one and listened to it for several hours during the past week. I previewed the EP sometime late last year and really liked it, but somehow I made a bad decision that I will just wait for the new full-length instead of purchasing it. After finding myself re-visiting her bandcamp several times during the winter and spring, I finally did the right thing and bought the download. It was totally worth it, because this is timeless and amazingly beautiful. I love the whole thing, but especially the songs They Say and Near You are the ones that strike me harder than an army of black metal guitarists. Those tunes are a perfect match with the romantic core of my heart.

Courtney Marie Andrews Website


I can’t say I really know anything about a band called China, but earlier today, my Bandcamp browsing session took me to their page (thanks to Dying For Bad Music) and after listening for a while, I found myself paying a few bucks and downloading their two EPs. They are from Oakland, California and the members might be better known from a band called Odawas. I need to check that one out as well even though this folk/americana thing that the China are perfectly mastering is probably a bit closer to my heart. This is May 21st from their new EP Towards The Sun.

China at Bandcamp

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