Vasas Flora och Fauna – Släkt med Lotta Svärd


No Sideways for me. I’m spending the night at home with my cat and we are listening to Mattias Björkas and I couldn’t be happier about this. Of course, I do have a slight issue with Vasas flora och fauna. My Swedish skills have never been very good and these days those skills are just downright awful. Knowing how good lyrics Mattias can write and not being able to fully understand.. well that hurts a little. Still, you couldn’t create a language barrier that would stop that voice from entering into my heart. Me and Mattias. We have a lifelong connection. Yeah, it’s only onesided, but it’s there. The hours, days and months of listening to Cats On Fire formed that connection and nowadays his songwriting and vocal delivery are part of who I am. That might sound rather silly and naive, but that’s how I often like to think. The music that I fall in love with, kind of becomes a part of who I am.

Before this little blog entry becomes 100% man crush (ok, it probably already is), I should say that Vasas Flora & Fauna is not a one man show. Iiris Viljanen wrote the album with Mattias and also sings a major part of the lead vocals on the album. Iiris left the band after the recordings, but no worries, the new recruit Tina Kärkinen (Swaying Wires) is a perfect replacement and more than capable of handling those female lead vocals.

The album Släkt med Lotta Svärd is now out and available on the excellent Swedish label Startracks. This is the latest single Gudförälder from this lovely album.

Vasas flora och fauna Website

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  1. the album has the same effect on me and my best friends … we all have fallen for the songs completely although we sadly don’t understand the words … the songs seem to weave a magical spell on us

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