Jake Xerxes Fussell, The Weather Station & Kenny Knight (aka a little love letter to Paradise of Bachelors)


North Carolinian record label Paradise of Bachelors has become one of the most trustworthy label. I think you can pretty much buy everything they release without hearing a note beforehand. Whoever is in charge of their A&R, really has a great taste. They’ve definitely earned my trust and money. I’ve bought their latest three releases from the local 8raita record store here in Turku, Finland and these are all so good.

First we have Jake Xerxes Fussell’s self-titled album. This William Tyler-produced album came out early in the year and has been staring at me from the shelf of the record store ever since. I finally picked it up and brought it home a few days ago. I think we will become good housemates, because this is pretty much my favourite record at the moment and one of 2015’s finest. 10 wonderful tunes that are bathing in the river of american blues and folk tradition, but still sound unique and refreshing. This is Star Girl from this glorious album.

Jake Xerxes Fussell at Facebook


I’m a long time fan of The Weather Station aka Canadian singer-songwriter Tamara Lindeman and have written about her a few times during the years. Her new album is called Loyalty and it came out on Paradise of Bachelors in May 2015. This is delicate, captivating and intimate record might not be something that I listen to every day, because I find it rather impossible to do anything else while listening to this. The enchanting magic of the record demands attention and makes everything stand still. Therefore it definitely works perfectly at home with headphones, but not as well as a work day soundtrack. This is Shy Women from the album.

The Weather Station Website


Next up is Kenny Knight’s almost lost folk, country-rock treasure Crossroads that originally came out in 1980 and has now been reissued by Paradise of Bachelors. This one has a warm 70s country/folk sound and that is something I always hold dear. Kenny Knight also knows his way around a song and Crossroads turns out be a damn good album. Perhaps not a five star classic, but definitely worth of rediscovering. This is a song called America from the album.

Paradise Of Bachelors Website

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