Wharfer – Acadia & Benjamin – The Bear And The Barn Owl


One of my daily routines is that I go to my twitter account, write bandcamp on the search box, select “from people you follow” and see if the people/bands I follow have either released something new themselves or recommended something new that they like. This is how I found out about these next two.

First we have Wharfer and his new album Acadia. The funny thing about finding the new album by Wharfer aka Kyle Wall is that I really can’t remember how, when and why I started following him. Ok, Why is easy to understand, because the music is wonderful. Perhaps I’ve listened to a song or two God knows when and clicked follow so that I remember to check him out when I have the time. This never happened back then, but it did now. His new album Acadia is out on 30th of June and he has posted three song preview on his bandcamp. I really like all of them and have to get the album, if the rest of it is equally amazing. I especially adore this one called We’ll All Be Racers. Sort of reminds me of that early Hotel Alexis stuff that I loved passionately a long time ago.

Wharfer at Facebook


Canadian Benjamin is also a new find for me, but I’m a long time fan of his label Other Songs Music Co and their artists like Matt Paxton, Scott Orr and Timid The Brave and I’m interested in everything they release. Benjamin’s debut album The Bear And The Barn Owl comes out today and it looks like it’s going to be another folk treasure. I probably have to click that buy now button when the whole thing drops there sometime soon. This one is The Ocean Swears It Won’t Be Easy.

Other Songs Music Co Website

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