Joey Ryan & The Inks, The Needy Sons & Cape Snow

It’s been a while. I didn’t really plan on neglecting the blog for several weeks, but my body is still a total wreck and therefore the only goal I had for the last month was to just somehow get through each day. But now I’m finally on a three week holiday and I try to spend it on the thing I love the most, which is listening to new music. I will also have that cervical spine MRI done in a few weeks time and hopefully that will finally tell me what’s causing the continuous numbness on my left hand/leg. I sure would love to know. Anyway, here are some new songs that I really like. More to come very soon.

First we have a great new pop song from Joey Ryan & The Inks. I don’t know how have I managed to miss such a good american pop band for this long. After all, if you want a list of most used tags on my heart, #pop, #catchy, #60s pop, #sunshiny pop, #westcoast, all rank quite close to the top. Anyway, this is their new single Microscope and it’s an outtake from their forthcoming album due out later in 2015.

Joey Ryan and The Inks Website


Next up is The Needy Sons and their debut single The Swimmer​ /​ Superficial Kid. I’ve been a big fan of Bill Janovitz since the 90s. Buffalo Tom is a special band, but it’s not just that. For example that Bill Janovitz and Crown Victoria album Fireworks on TV! is a way-too-unknown masterpiece (at least in this corner of the world). Anyway, Bill Janovitz has a new band called The Needy Sons that also features Mike Gent from The Figgs and Ed Valauskas and Eric Anderson. This is The Swimmer by The Needy Sons. I can’t wait to hear more.

The Needy Sons/Bill Janovitz at Bandcamp


And let’s end this little blog post by something truly beautiful. Cape Snow’s debut album just came out on Burst & Bloom Records. I really love this first outtake One More Time. Unfortunately I haven’t heard anything else yet, but if the rest of it is equally good, I will be mesmerized. I probably should just take a leap of faith and buy it just based on this one amazing song. This falls somewhere between Mazzy Star and The Delines and if one has to fall, it would be hard to pick a better place. This is One More Time.

Cape Snow at Bandcamp

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