The Roseline & Erin Rae and The Meanwhiles


Here’s another one that’s been on heavy rotation for the past month. I’ve stumbled upon the name The Roseline, several times in the past, but didn’t start listening to them until this summer. A good thing I finally did, because their new album Townie is really good. It’s full of very enjoyable and highly melodic & americana. There’s a bit of Ryan Adams in there as well, which is probably a bit lame comparison (not meaning Ryan is lame. He is awesome, but comparing bands to him is often lazy and lame). Anyway, here’s one of my favourite tracks on the new The Roseline album. This is Selfish Heart.

The Roseline Website


Erin Rae and The Meanwhiles will be releasing a full-length album next month and based on these early outtakes the release date can’t come Soon Enough. The two songs that have surfaced so far are both absolutely gorgeous. Especially this amazingly beautiful song called Monticello. I could listen to this singing all day long. So good.

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