Anthonie Tonnon – Successor & Fraser A. Gorman – Slow Gum


A bit of pop music for a change and more things I’ve grown to adore during the past month. Well actually this didn’t really need to grow on me. It was pretty instant between me and Anthonie Tonnon. Here’s what happened. A guru of mine, Darren Hanlon put out the album on his label Flippin’ Yeah Industries, which is a high recommendation. So I wanted and needed to hear what this New Zealand-based songwriter had to offer. The man turned out to be a mighty fine songwriter. I think he gets this a lot, but the songs definitely fall in the same ballpark as Jens Lekman and The Magnetic Fields. I count that as a very good thing. Anthonie Tonnon. He’s the guy. This is Mt. Cargill from the new album.

Anthonie Tonnon Website

fraser gorman

Staying in the same corner of the world, but moving on to Australia. Fraser A. Gorman’s new album Slow Gum has been out for a month or so and has been getting some great reviews. I’ve heard some good songs from it before, but I’m really listening to the whole album for the first time while writing this little blog entry. His americana-tinged pop tunes surely fit quite nicely to this late night. This is Never Gonna Hold You (Like I Do) from his new album.

Fraser A. Gorman Website

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