Tedo Stone – Marshes & T.Hardy Morris – Drownin’ On a Mountaintop


Let’s turn it up a notch. Atlanta’s Tedo Stone will drop his new album Marshes into my heart on September 18th. I have high hopes for this one, because I’ve been really digging this first single of the new album during the past month. The previous album Good Go Bad was already very good one, but this new one might be something really special. This is To The Marshes from the forthcoming album.

Tedo Stone Website


Staying around the same neighborhood in Athens, Georgia. T.Hardy Morris released his new album Drownin’ On A Mountaintop in late june 2015. I’ve been a fan of this guy since the previous album Audition Tapes that even entered my best of the year list. However, T.Hardy Morris does challenge my taste a bit, because being a total pop wimp, some of the loud rockers do get on the edge of my comfort zone. I think that’s mostly a good thing, because I do need someone to kick me out of my constant self-pity and/or sad bastard moments and T.Hardy Morris is a good man for that job. It might not look convincing on paper, but garage rock and country music do work well together. This is Shit in The Wind from the new album that’s out now on Dangerbird Records.

T.Hardy Morris Website

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