The Songs Are All We Have (support Other Songs Music Co)


Other Songs Music Co recently released a rarities compilation The Songs Are All We Have. The funds raised by this compilation will help them to release more songs and more records. Supporting small labels is extremely important and a cause I believe in. Other Songs Music co is also a label that I’ve grown to love during the past few years and therefore I wanted do my small part by a) buying this lovely compilation and b) writing this little blog entry about it.

Other Songs Music Co has released plenty of amazing albums during the past five years and long may it continue. I’m especially fond of Matt Paxton, Scott Orr and Timid The Brave, but you really can’t go wrong with any of their artists/releases. Actually if you are not that much into a compilation of rarities, b-sides and demos, but still want to support this lovely label, I highly recommend picking something from their back catalogue. That’s a treasure vault of warm folk albums. Besides being a very good songwriter, label boss Scott Orr has a good ear for talent and each Other Songs release is like a handpicked, heartwarming collection of songs. The songs might be all they have, but thankfully that’s often all we need.

You can buy this excellent compilation from their Bandcamp and pick the support package you want. This is Matt Paxton and a magnificent previously unreleased song Greenville Girl from the compilation.

Other Songs Music Co at Bandcamp
Other Songs Music Co Website

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