Maanvaiva & Hate Paper Doll


My favourite song yesterday, today and probably tomorrow as well is Kalpeanaama by Maanvaiva. There isn’t too much information available on this internet thing, but what matters is that their debut release Tuuli / Kalpeanaama 12” maxi is now out and available on Gearwheel Records. I like both songs, but my favourite is definitely Kalpeanaama. Jukka Melametsä plays the guitar and Tom Stenman sings his heart out. I sure love that combination as a long time fan of The Refreshments and Mental Market. The maxi single can be bought from them directly (you’ll find the information on their Facebook) or pick it up from your local record store. At least Levykauppa Äx has it in stock.


Maanvaiva at Facebook


I have a good opportunity to turn this little blog entry into a Tom Stenman special and I can’t let that opportunity to pass me by. There’s a new band called Hate Paper Doll out there. A name from a Husker Du song and a line up of Tom Stenman, Näkä Hyle, Teemu Horto and Kim Kannussaari. What’s not to love. These guys have really delivered with their earlier bands and I’m 100% sure they are going to do that again. They have just started playing live and haven’t released more than demo, but here’s Afterlife from that demo.

Hate Paper Doll at Facebook

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